The Charles St. Paul Band performs for Stevie Wonder’s Daughter Wedding


Father of the Bride – Stevie Wonder

At the Rockleigh Country Club in New Jersey, The Charles St Paul Band performed the dance music for the wedding reception of Aisha Morris, Stevie Wonder’s daughter.

“Everyone remembers the Stevie Wonder classic “Isn’t She Loveley” and the baby crying in the the song’s intro… Well that was Aisha making her recording debut as an infant and now to perform with Stevie Wonder as he sings it to her at her wedding… well that’s just perfect!!”  ~ Charles St. Paul

The Charles St. Paul Dance Band

Versatile and fun, the Charles St Paul Dance Band is known for performing all styles of dance music just like their original recordings.

Hot, Funky Exciting and Relentless are the ways guests talk about the band’s performance style.