Best Wedding Band New York

The First Dance "Wild Horses"


Star Talent All Stars Dance Band  performed at a beautiful tented wedding reception in Westchester last week.

First Dance:  

“Wild Horses” – The Rollings Stones classic, however the version requested was the Alicia Keys / Adam Levine (Maroon 5) duet rendition below:



Hi Michael!

I just wanted to thank you and the band for doing an amazing job at our wedding! You have no idea how many people have complimented the band (above all else)! I have gotten so many “that is the best band we have ever heard” comments. Their rendition of “Wild Horses” was UNBELIEVABLE!  Better than the Adam Levine/Alicia Keys version (seriously). It was so good. 

Anyway- thank you again for all of your help- they were great.  I would compliment the string quartet too, but I was focusing so hard on not tripping down the aisle that I can not remember how they sounded-! Although I also heard great things.  I can’t wait to get our wedding video so I can really hear it all!